Masia in Alcoy

Torre de Cotes

Located in Partida de Cotes Altes (Alcoy) at the bottom of Sierra de Mariola, is the Torre de Cotes masia. A compound consisting in several buildings (some of them more than 200 years old), which are a part of an old farmhouse called “Heretat de Torre de Cotes”.

Serra de Mariola Natural Park

Serra de Mariola Natural Park

Declared Natural Park on January 8, 2002. Sierra de Mariola is one of the most complete and ideal places for outdoor sports and nature lovers. This mountain range, which has an area of 16,000 hectares, extends through the regions of Vall d'Álbaida, l'Alcoià and Comptat and includes the municipalities of Agres, Alcoy, Alfafara, Banyeres de Mariola, Bocairent, Cocentaina and Muro.

In the middle of this natural area, we find numerous fountains and farmhouses as well as a large network of paths, built a long time ago by their previous inhabitants (shepherds, woodcutters...). Due to the obvious beauty of the place, its natural resources and the quality and suitability of its routes, it is recommended to take a tour (on foot, by bike or on horseback) through this wonderful landscape.

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Carrascal de Font Roja Natural Park

Carrascal de Font Roja Natural Park

Carrascal de la Fuente Roja Natural Park was declared a Natural Park on April 13, 1987 by the Generalitat Valenciana. It is located in the Hoya de Alcoy region, north of the province of Alicante, between the municipalities of Alcoy and Ibi.

This natural park is one of the best preserved natural spaces in the Valencian territory. The protected natural area covers some 2,298 hectares, and includes the mountain ridge of El Alto de San Antonio (L'Alt de Sant Antoni), El Carrascal de la Fuente Roja (El Carrascar de la Font Roja) and La Teixereta. The summit of the Sierra de Menachaor (Serra del Menejador), 1356m high, is the highest peak in the park.

The fauna of the area is known by their presence of mammals such as wild boars, genets, wildcats and badgers, among others. Reptiles and birds such as Bonelli's eagles, golden eagles and vultures also live in the area.


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